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Today’s realities make it more important than ever for customers, employees, and the public as a whole to feel and be safe and protected from environmental health threats in their local environments.

IMMI and its strategic partners provide solutions that transform any facility into the safe and assured environment your clients and employees' desire. Our non-toxic disinfectant systems kill  mold, bacteria, and viruses whether in the air or on the surface. We focus on delivering a customized technology solution that safely eliminates all viruses, bacteria, and mold everywhere they exist.

We are providers for AIR and SURFACE disinfecting using patented and proprietary products. There are 3 core technologies:  A fluid production system (FPS) for manufacturing Paerolyte (HOCL now available as a dry aerosol), patented micro-aerosol generator (MAG), and a cloud based HVAC system to control the dispersing of Paerolyte on demand to keep viruses, bacteria and mold from being in public spaces.
  1. IMMI’s strategic partners proprietary electrochemically activated fluid Generator produces Paerolyte.  The active ingredient in Paerolyte is HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) which is a very powerful all natural disinfectant that is EPA registered and 80 times more powerful than bleach. HOCL is a natural substance produced by the human body to fight bacteria, viruses and inflammation.  HOCL is an EPA and FDA approved substance used extensively in wound care, food production and commercial disinfecting and sanitizing.  HOCL has no harmful side effects, is non-irritant, and is non-allergenic and non-poisonous if ingested.  HOCL is widely regarded as the most effective natural disinfectant for killing pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus and mold), and is rapidly gaining in popularity both for commercial and residential use. 

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  2. Now for the first time using MAG technology, Paerolyte can be applied as a micro-aerosol or dry spray to thoroughly disinfect public spaces for AIR and SURFACES. The Micro Aerosol Generator (MAG) was patented by the United States Government under the Department of Energy and Battelle Memorial Institute. Our group has the right to manufacture and commercialize this technology. The MAG is a high-volume micro-aerosol generator, which when combined with liquid, produces airborne particles ranging in size from .1 -2.5 microns, almost 50 times smaller than a typical fog particle. These tiny micro-aerosol particles act like a “gas” which means they are completely dry and move naturally by diffusion to permeate an entire room and enclosed space. The combination of MAG with the powerful liquid disinfectant known as Paerolyte (HOCL) provides a unique and highly effective solution for disinfecting both AIR and SURFACE pathogens everywhere they exist, including the SARS-COV-2 virus which causes COVID 19 illness.  By contrast, traditional fog devices and sprayer technologies generate particles ranging in size from 30-100 microns. These larger particles quickly drop to the surface, which makes this completely ineffective at eliminating airborne pathogens, and results in unwanted moisture and residue.

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  3. IMMI engineer solutions that will transform any facility into a safe and assured environment that clients and their employee’s can feel and see. IMMI delivers a customized technology solution with monitoring 24/7 measuring the HOCL particulates in the air to ensure safe environments in public spaces.

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